Why Abroad Surgery in Costa Rica?

Overseas Healthcare and Treatments

Why Abroad Surgery Costa Rica? Because we offer overseas healthcare, treatments and medical specialties at a lower cost, personalized services, and board certified doctors trained in the United States.

We are committed to deliver quality health services to travelers and to guarantee the success and satisfaction for Overseas Plastic Surgery and any of our medical specialties and treatments you receive.

We offer Healthcare and Patientcare:

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • You will receive personalized services during your stay and procedures.
  • High quality affordable overseas medical care
  • Board certified doctors trained in the United States
  • Professionals committed to service
  • Complete solutions to your medical needs
  • Compassion, solidarity, dedication
  • Compromise, constant improvement, quality, respect
  • We have very competitive prices and packages
  • We offer world-class medical care and treatment facilities
  • You will be important to us as a person and a patient.
  • We shall be in constant touch and ready to answer all your questions.
  • We will prepare you to adjust to the transformation and to know what to expect (pre/post operation).
  • We shall provide support during the process and teach you how to manage this important event in your life (every change, whether physical or mental, warrants careful thought).
  • Our Staff will be at hand to satisfy your needs and to provide comfort and the best possible conditions.
  • We will help you reach successfully the goal you have set for yourself in response to your trust in us.
  • Overseas Plastic Surgery and other medical specialties.
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