01 February 2018
Elizabeth A. Ziemba

TOPICS: Development, Marketing, Strategy
Elizabeth Ziemba explores the possibilities of a profitable relationship between the medical tavel and ‘bleisure’ market.

A recent report released by Expedia Media Solutions stated, almost “half (about 43%) of all trips taken today are ‘bleisure’ trips, with the focus on the ‘business’ part of the travel enticing customers to also book their ‘leisure’ part of the trip.” Why not add health and wellness to the itinerary?

Several years ago, before the term “bleisure” was created, Medical Tourism Training was already working with hotels and healthcare providers to appeal to the business/leisure guest to encourage longer stays and short term medical and dental procedures. For example, with its client base of frequent business visitors, a popular hotel in Costa Rica was able to create B2B relationships with high quality dental practices to offer hotel guests “dental packages” as add-ons.

The hotel sold more night stays with associated food and beverage revenues while the guests spent a few hours getting dental check-ups and cleanings for a great price. The hotel loved it, the dentists loved it, and the guests loved it. Read the complete success story.

The travel industry and medical travel sector have yet to successfully leverage the many medical and dental treatments that are safe and available to travelers who have some free time while on business or pleasure. Guests who may be too busy at home to regularly have dental or health check-ups can spend a few hours taking care of their health while on the road. Couples including trailing spouses can schedule check-ups and other routine treatments together when relaxing away from home.

By packaging “small” healthcare services, hotels and local providers can help each other to build business, reputation, and marketing differentiation. It is another way to create client loyalty.

Would you like some help creating B2B packages to promote your hotel, resort, or spa and team up with local healthcare providers? Contact Medical Tourism Training today for some great ideas about growing your business.

About Medical Tourism Training:
Medical Tourism Training offers training and consulting services in the rapidly growing domestic and international health travel sector.

The company is the first to offer affordable, convenient, and easy to use e-Learning solutions geared to working professionals. Medical Tourism Training delivers high quality on-site training and consulting services, creating measurable change for its clients.

Consulting services include lead generation and lead conversion; patient experience assessment, training, and consulting; relaunch strategies; formalizing and developing medical clusters and other models; certification programs; creative and innovative marketing campaigns; and much more.

Contact them today for additional information:

Elizabeth Ziemba, President
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