Transformational Retreats in Bali


Designed to Cleanse your body, Clear your mind, and Create your lifestyle



Natural Instinct Healing facilitate Detox, Health, Fasting, Cleansing and Yoga Retreats in Bali and Australia; from which we provide our clients with serene environments and practical tools to experience positive transformational change in their lives, focusing on a holistic model of body, mind and soul awareness.

Our dedicated and experienced team of Western qualified professionals guarantee our guests are supported every step of the way throughout the retreat experience; to ensure guests achieve their retreat objectives and head home feeling revitalised, energised, and ready to start their ‘new’ life!

Supporting our Western staff are an equally important team of local Indonesian staff who make certain our guests enjoy their stay in comfort and allow guests to focus on themselves and the healing process; knowing their every demand will be met with the ever present, and contagious, Balinese smile!

Please note that our amazing team at Natural Instinct Healing are also on their own professional, personal, health and healing journeys – so we cannot guarantee which of our team members will be onsite at any one time to guide you through your specific retreat experience; only that you will have qualified and constant support throughout your stay with us.

If you have a preference and/or connection to one of our team members please let us know within your enquiry form as we all love catching up with returning guests, friends, and members of the NIH Tribe!

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