Top 10 Tips for Anti-Aging

Top 10 Tips for Anti-Aging

Besides the usual positive skincare habits you can exhibit in your daily life, there are a few more specific tips that you can use to fight aging skin specifically. There are ten, to be exact, and we’ve included them all below so you can keep your skin looking youthful and healthy long into your golden years. Check out these 10 tips from Lydia Adams at

Tip 1: Get Sunscreen Inside and Out
Wrinkling happens to everyone as they age but it’s been proven that sun damage makes it worse. Overexposure to the sun will make younger skin wrinkle before its time and older skin wrinkle even more, so using generous amounts of sunscreen is one of the overlooked ways that you can protect against aging skin.
When we say it’s overlooked, that’s because people in Western countries only tend to wear sunscreen when it’s visibly sunny and uncomfortably hot outside. This is when it becomes most important to apply sunscreen, of course, so you don’t get burnt, but your skin is bombarded with the UV rays in sunlight every single day, no matter the weather.
So, you see the problem. There is a reason Eastern countries, like Korea, have highly effective skincare routines that are replicated all over the world that recommend such constant use of sunscreen, usually applying it every two hours. Get yourself a broad-spectrum SPF if you can, since this will yield the best results by protecting against both UVA and UVB rays.
What many definitely miss out on is the fact that you can bolster your own skin’s SPF through the foods you eat. These foods usually contain lycopene, one of the many antioxidants associated with red and orange fruit and veg, like tomatoes, for example. They’ve been found to boost your skin’s natural sun protection by as much as a third. If you need a recipe-friendly alternative that you can sneak into a lot of dishes, we’d recommend tomato paste.
Green tea is good for this, too, as is dark chocolate thanks to the flavonoids that they’re packed with. Just don’t go too hard on them, since overindulging will make some of the chocolate’s less healthy ingredients harm your skin anyway.

Tip 2: Don’t Stop Moving
You may have seen this coming, and many when asked would say that exercise is a great way to reduce aging, both in terms of wrinkles and keeping up a general fitness that’ll keep you functional till your twilight years, but getting them to actually do it is tough. There aren’t many that practice what they preach and whilst they may know it’s the answer, they elect to seek easier, less strenuous means of eating a healthy diet.
Exercise releases a compound we named IL 15. It prevents cell death, so we guess we don’t need to tell you how useful that is when fending off aging skin. Trigger this compound release via regular aerobic exercise. We’d recommend a basic single set of eight to fifteen reps that uses a lot of workable body parts, about ten. Do these two or three times a week to build strength and maintain it, leaving you in a good position to advance your workouts or stay put.

Tip 3: Eat Good Food
We’ve talked about food a bit already but, when you need to consider the entire range of consumable to find skin-friendly foods, we figured you’d need some more help. An overlooked topic is the overreliance on sugar and other sweet foodstuffs that encourage glycation.
Glycation is when excess glucose bonds to collagen and elastin which, if you know anything about skin, are the vital proteins that keep your skin young. They’re not called the youth proteins for nothing, you know. They stiffen during the glycation process, becoming useless in the fight against wrinkles. Kick your sugar intake, either by a little or a lot, depending on how much protection from wrinkling you want to see.
You’ll also want to watch for free radicals since they increase the likelihood of age-related diseases becoming a problem. Antioxidants stop these in their tracks, which is why they’re so important. Get your fill by eating a lot of dark-colored vegetables, particularly red and orange ones.

Tip 4: Exercise and Massage the Face
Did you know there’s such a thing as yoga for the face? Since your face, like any body part, needs to see frequent movement to stay springy and youthful, people have thought up facial exercises to get the job done. The muscles in your face can and will slacken, making wrinkles appear worse than they otherwise would.
It’s also great for relieving stress, which is its own cause of wrinkles, so it can help you to kill two birds with one stone. Circular motions with your fingertips on the face can also encourage facial elasticity and reduce tension, helping your wrinkle situation.
Tip 5: Keep Your Skin Quenched
Make sure your skin is fully hydrated. The obvious way to do this would be to drink more water, which you should try to do as you age anyway since less water makes its way to the skin when you’re older.
You can also look into supplements. A handy, tried and true example is omega 3 oil supplements. Fish or flaxseed oil will keep your skin dewy as if you were hydrated and replenish the natural oils your skin has. It’ll also help with acne and other inflammatory conditions.

Tip 6: Reach For Retinoids
Whilst you’re delving into supplements and other positive skincare treatments, take a look at retinoids. Many swear by these since vitamin A, which a retinoid is a double-barrel dose of, will defend the collagen in your skin from gradual wear and deterioration.
The best retinoids are prescribed, since most retinoids are prescription-strength and are usually given to women when they hit their thirties, but there are gentler, over-the-counter versions too. Just avoid benzoyl peroxide if you can since it oxidizes, and so dampens the effects of, retinoids.

Tip 7: Exfoliate Often
Exfoliate at least once a week, maybe twice if your skin can handle the increased stimulation. This will encourage the shedding of dead skin, leaving newer, supple skin to take its place. That’ll make the face appear more radiant and youthful.
We suggest using a scrub that has round particles since these are less irritating, and better for the environment, to boot.

Tip 8: Never Leave Makeup On
You shouldn’t be going to bed with makeup on, ever. Cleansing the face after a busy day is important to de-clog your pores, especially since clogged pores speed up collagen breakdown. Depending on your skin type, use a balm or foam cleansing agent to remove your makeup and cleanse the skin beneath at the same time. It’s yet another step to add to your nightly routine but it’ll pay off if wrinkles are one of your main skincare concerns.

Tip 9: Get Your Beauty Sleep
Now, after doing everything or most of the things mentioned in the list above throughout your day, you should end it by getting enough sleep. Tiredness increases stress and cravings for unhealthy foods, so you’ll want to avoid falling into those traps. Get the eight hours you need to minimize this risk. Sleep also repairs or replaces skin cells, leaving younger, fresher skin when you wake up.

Tip 10: Keep Your Face Up
However, you’re not out of the woods yet. Did you know that sleeping on your side can cause wrinkling on the cheek? This is because of the creases that form when your cheek is pressed up against the pillow and, when you’re worried about wrinkles, the last thing you want are the words “crease” and “cheek” in the same sentence.
Try sleeping on your back. It has a host of other benefits, too, like easing neck pain and soothing acid reflux, but most of all it’ll prevent wrinkling in your cheeks.
For more healthy skin tips, check out my Ultimate Guide To Healthy Skin.

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