Prostate Cancer! The decision to do lots of research gave me back a more complete life!

In being asked to write about my medical voyage, I am flooded back with memories and most were very good. I would be lying if I did not say I had concerns but here is my story, I am Dr. Robert Page a general practice doctor. About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I caught it early stage and was told I could have the prostate removed through a radical prostatectomy offering a 97% change of eradicating the cancer for good.


Problem was I faced a 90% probability of erectile disfunction and a 40% probability of urinary incontinence. After plenty of research, we discovered several non-FDA approved procedures being done internationally that did not involve such side effects. After plenty of research and phone calls, we opted to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to have surgery with Carlos Garcia, MD, a local urologist who performed the HIFU procedure, which offered the same success rate as the radical prostatectomy with zero side effects.


3 years later, I am cancer free, still practices medicine and regularly practices golf.


More importantly, It’s the catalyst that pushed my son, Robert Page to build MedRepublic after 12 years of running a smaller concierge medical tourism service. Today we help patients book hundreds of procedures every month from 14 specialties. And we’re growing quite fast and excited to continue being a tremendous solution to the community.


I have orthopedic patients, cancer, weight loss, plastic, dental, gynecological, kidney transplant, ENT and the list goes on.

I asked Robert, how did this all get started?

The seed that ultimately grew into MedRepublic was planted over 20 years ago.

My father, Dr. Robert Page, had the idea to write a guidebook to help Canadians and Americans living and traveling in Mexico locate qualified, English-speaking doctors in-country. He asked my brother and me to help. At the time, I was living and working in Argentina and my brother had just finished his medical training at Harvard.

Somehow, I naively convinced myself that I would spend two months helping my father develop his idea. Two months turned into a year. A year turned into the last 15 years of my life. Those years have become the basis for MedRepublic.

The Beginning



Two months of helping my father turned into one year of driving around Mexico by myself doing research for this book. During this time, my brother and father met me along the way to interview doctors and inspect hospitals. Ultimately, we drafted an award-winning, 600-page guide to Mexican healthcare.

After successfully publishing our third guidebook, we began to notice an increasing number of patients that would call asking about surgery in Mexico. Initially, we opted to hold off as we were more focused on our book and didn’t feel we had developed the necessary protocols to responsibly offer this service. Little did we know, but the majority of companies offering medical tourism facilitation services were much less qualified than we were. In fact, many were travel agents.

With 3 published guidebooks, interviews with nearly 1,000 physicians and a deep knowledge of travel health, we saw a tremendous opportunity staring us in the face. Writing guidebooks had certainly saved and improved lives, but this was an opportunity to do something even more meaningful.

We had always helped patients access quality healthcare options, and this was just another way for us to do that. We found that demand was increasing quickly. Soon enough, we were helping more than 10 patients per month connect with skilled medical doctors and dentists in both Costa Rica and Mexico. Eventually, we created a formalized new business, which we called MedToGo. The business grew consistently year over year and helped hundreds of patients in need achieve positive results.

Each time I wanted to add a new surgeon from a different specialty, I would spend hours understanding the specifics of how each doctor worked, how to prepare patient with unique medical needs, building out an individual website for each doctor and providing educational materials – a very time-consuming process. I would spend hours coordinating via email and phone back and forth with both patients and doctors. I also needed to build patients’ trust.

No matter how much effort we put into finding the best surgeons and operating on hundreds of patients with tremendous results, new patients rarely felt completely comfortable with the idea of traveling abroad for surgery. 25% of my time was spent just trying to convince patients they weren’t going to have their organs removed or be kidnapped for ransom.

I was in need of a vehicle that would allow the doctor and his or her medical team to easily and simply communicate with patients and build the patient’s trust in the doctor. Out of this frustration, the idea for MedRepublic was born.

Looking Forward


Today, we are focused on creating a brand that matches our ethos and will validate global healthcare as a solution to the underserved across the planet. We have created a platform with transparent pricing, reliable health metrics and innovative technology. We know that the road ahead will not be easy —but we believe we are well equipped to handle any challenges that come our way.

We are a company built with world-class doctors and hospitals and led by a stellar team of social entrepreneurs determined to serve the global community of underserved patients.

Together, we will make healthcare for everyone, everywhere, a reality.

Reach out to us with any questions at, and thank you Ed for letting me tell this amazing story to your readers.

Robert Page



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