What to Expect
Our premium health transformation retreats are designed to help you explore the root cause(s) of your disease, and discover knowledge and self care techniques to put you on a path to thriving health.

We will examine all areas of your life; physical, mental and spiritual.

These retreats are intensive and tailored to your personal transformation to give you a safe and compassionate space to start the process of rehabilitation.

As a result, we are one of the best healing retreats in Costa Rica. We are located in Jaco on a mountain ridge giving you vistas of the expansive ocean and lush jungle.

For the reason that we are in such a unique place, we take advantage of the surrounding nature every we chance we can to help you find a healthier lifestyle.

Your Premium Health Transformation Retreat Include:
1 pre-arrival wellness consultation
1 on-site Integrative Medical evaluation
Private ocean-view suite
3 local, organic meals per day or juice fasting
Personalized treatment and wellness plan
Daily yoga, qi gong, or meditation
unlimited in-house health spa services (massage, hydrotherapy, yoga, ion foot bath, facial, heat/light therapy, ozone therapy, coaching & more)

Our Approach
At Eden we use a mix of eastern and western modalities to transform your mind, body and spirit. Once we have completed your pre retreat consultation we customize the program to meet your unique needs.

Common retreat health goals are:

Change Addictive Behaviors
Conscious Nutrition
Detox and De-Stress
Mental, Emotional & Spritual Healing

What makes us unique is our attention to your individual needs.

You will have a one-on-one consultation session with Dr. Randi Raymond. With her you will undergo a thorough physical and psychological intake to get a complete picture of your health and patterns that have lead you to where you are now.

You will also have access to our team of health care providers to round out your healthy experience.

We will conduct individualized lab work to detect if there is an underlying physiological cause to your discomforts. We can check vitamin levels, identify allergies, check general organ function, as well as hormone and blood levels.

As part of your retreat, you will have access to juice fasting, colon cleansing, detoxifying skin care and guided meditation to help cleanse the body, mind & spirit.

We also provide daily life coaching sessions.

Our team of healthcare providers will evaluate your health and offer medical consultations and treatments from many modalities including but not limited to:

Integrative Medicine
Oriental Medicine
Functional Medicine
Western Medicine
Massage Therapy
Spiritual and Energy work

Good nutrition is the basis of good health and we will take a detailed look at the needs of your body and we design a custom, nourishing organic menu for you. You will be able to participate in all aspects of your meals from farm to table. You will also learn the basics of nutrition and how to design a menu that will help turn eating into enjoyable practice for sustainable health.

Exercise will also be a key component of your program. As a result, you will have access to activities such as yoga, qi gong, surfing, hiking and more.

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