New Knee and $30,000 Richer!




I had the good fortune of finding Health and Wellness Bazaar and on March 19, 2018 I had a total left knee replacement with one of their orthopedic surgeons in Mexico. For several months I had been in tremendous knee pain and in January 2018 I began researching for doctors and facilities that specialized in this type of surgery. Virtually all the options in my area, Willamette Valley of Oregon, offered cost prohibited prices for my pocket book. I was getting quotes from $42,000 all the way up to $65,000 dollars and I couldn’t find much information on the surgeons’ experience or outcomes metrics. I was very concerned about not being able to pay for the surgery that I needed very bad to continue enjoying life and also about the quality and results of the procedure.


I had previously heard about medical tourism, leaving the USA to travel abroad for surgery to save a considerable amount. I did a google search and found several clinics that offered these services. I contacted Health and Wellness Bazaar and began to communicate with them as they were not the most expensive or inexpensive. I spoke with Lauren Murphy, one of the patient coordinators and she and I discussed the surgery, costs, and entire process in moving forward. I provided Ms. Murphy with the necessary X-rays and lab results for their doctors to review my case. In less than 2 days I received an assessment from their orthopedic surgeon and Lauren answered all my questions and helped me coordinate all my appointments. The standard knee replacement was quoted for $11,600 USD and after discussing my lifestyle and goals for after the surgery, we opted to go with a more robust joint which raised the price to $12,300 USD, all-inclusive.


Health and Wellness Bazaar is 100% transparent and I was given all relevant information regarding the surgeon who would perform my surgery, Dr. Eliseo Mora, to include videos of the procedure and what to expect. I wanted to make darn sure I was ready to make the trip to Mexico and Health and Wellness Bazaar had my whole itinerary ready for me several days before I departed to Mexico. They helped me coordinate my arrival, pre-op tests and consultations with the surgeon, hospital recovery suite, the surgery itself, and the recovery at the hospital and the hotel. The surgery was very successful, Dr. Mora truly is an amazing surgeon with phenomenal skills and impeccable bedside manners. Every night that I stayed in the hospital one of Dr. Mora’s staff stayed with me to ensure I was being taken care of and that I had no pain or discomfort. I stayed in the hospital for two nights after the surgery and then moved to my hotel room for an additional two nights, where Dr. Mora’s staff monitored me constantly. It has been almost three months after my surgery and I am fully recovered without any pain, virtually everybody who is in the medical field who has looked at Dr. Mora’s work has been impressed. If I need any additional medical services I will trust Health and Wellness Bazaar and their medical team with my health.


Charles Beeler

Albany, Oregon


Working with medical tourism patients is a great joy and extremely rewarding. We understand the frustrations and fears of our international patients and everyone involved goes the extra mile to make them feel safe, comfortable, and confident in the quality of our services. Health and Wellness Bazaar has implemented a medical tourism program with quality and standards that mirror those from U.S. healthcare systems. We take safety and quality very seriously and HWBazaar’s Physician Advisory Committee meets every other month to provide direction on medical provider selection and oversight, patient service protocols, intra operative clinical and quality management pathways, and all other medical decisions. Lastly, we perform the most innovative and minimally invasive procedures available today with FDA approved material for a fraction of the U.S. cost – it’s a no brainer, everybody wins.


Eliseo Mora, MD

Health & Wellness Bazaar

Tijuana, Mexico

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