Medical Tourism in Sheba Medical Center

Benefits of Medical Tourism at Sheba Medical Center
As the largest hospital in the entire Middle East, Sheba Medical Center offers many benefits to our patients from around the world.

Sheba provides the latest, most advanced medical treatments, including enrollment in clinical trials when appropriate. We are proud of our high tech medical solutions, such as the only Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Department in the world and exclusive, advanced diagnostic imaging for cancer and cardiac patients.

Our staff are a large part of what makes Sheba great. We have dozens of clinicians at the top of their fields, including world class experts. In fact, many of our doctors are members of the Faculty of Medicine at Sackler Medical School at Tel Aviv University. These surgeons and physicians regularly collaborate in order to bring our patients the finest in multidisciplinary care.

At Sheba Medical Center, we realize that every patient is unique and has distinct needs. No two cases are exactly alike. As part of our comprehensive approach to medicine, we provide a multitude of specialists that work together to bring individualized care to each of our patients.

We understand that a patient is more than just their disease or injury – they are a whole person and have needs like anyone else. We provide for these needs by offering psychological and social work support in addition to medical care. We also offer comfort, education, and support for our patients’ families.

Timely care is provided to all our patients, and treatments are designed in accordance with the patient’s outcome wishes. We make sure to utilize every expert, therapy, and treatment at our disposal to give our patients the medical outcome they desire.

Comprehensive Medical Tourism
We realize that your visit to Sheba Medical Center may be your first trip to Israel. As such, we provide complete continuum of care. This includes personalized services, such as:

  • An interpretor to translate information into your native language
  • Assistance with obtaining and consolidating your local medical records
  • Obtaining a visa and making travel arrangements
  • Taking care of transportation and accomodations, such as hotel bookings


We are always happy to work with you to develop a customized treatment package that meets all of your precise and individual medical needs. Also, you will be assigned a dedicated coordinator who will be your first point of contact during your time at Sheba and will be able to provide you with information and handle all of your concerns.

Our 360 Degree Approach
We pride ourselves on offering complete care and professionalism to our medical tourists, from prior to their arrival and all the way to follow-up after departure. This encompasses:

Access to the most advanced global technology: Choosing Sheba means having access to the best medical technology worldwide, including experimental treatments. Sheba has departments working on treatments such as stem cell therapy, cell replacement therapy for diabetes, and treatment of pediatric solid brain tumors.

Consultation prior to arrival: Our patients receive a clinical consultation with Sheba’s medical staff as well as a review and coordination of their local medical records.

Precise and personal: We believe in tailor made medicine, personalized for the individual.

Patient-centric: A partnership cultivated among practitioners, patients, and their families ensures that all healthcare decisions fully respect patient desires, needs, and preferred clinical outcomes.

Rehabilitation: The world-renowned Sheba Rehabilitation Center provides long-term treatment for orthopedic, neurology, respiratory health, geriatric care, chronic pain, psychiatric, and trauma patients.

Transparency: As a government-owned and regulated hospital, all of our fees are transparent, and the professional and ethical conduct of Sheba’s staff is of the highest standards.

A personal coordinator and interpreter: Each patient receives a dedicated Sheba staff member who will assist them in their native language throughout their time in Israel. This includes translating medical information, physician instructions, and providing for any other communication concerns that arise.

Travel and logistics: Medical Tourism Division personnel organize the patient’s travel to Israel with such services as obtaining a visa and arranging transportation. Sheba Medical Center also provides for local accommodations for patients and their families, including hotel services.


A full circle is 360 degrees. To us at Sheba Medical Center, 360 degrees means total and complete healthcare. We accomplish this by providing world class medicine with a personal touch to all our patients. We have two medical tourism tracks – for individuals and government-sponsered patients.

Our clinicians, surgeons, and researchers are responsible for some of the world’s latest medical advances. We work hand in hand with the pharmaceutical community to bring these life-saving drugs and techniques to our patients. Additionally, the Israeli Ministry of Health has a progressive attitude regarding drug approvals, allowing our medical tourist patients to benefit from our pioneering therapies, several of which are unavailable outside of Israel.

“All patients have a right to quality of life and a healthy life! This fundamental right is even more pertinent in situations when ill health or serious disease arise, and when it is necessary to seek medical services in a foreign country.

Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s leading hospital and the largest in the Middle East, has carefully built a department that specializes in medical tourism to address the difficulties in mind that patients and families have when seeking medical treatment in a foreign country. For this reason, we appoint to each patient and family a coordinator to accompany and help you at every step of your treatment with us; assisting you with everything from translation to coordination of appointments and professional medical explanations of diagnoses and treatments.

We are committed to giving you the best medical care and our commitment to your health makes us the right choice for you. We have the best specialists to assist you and we entitle medical tourists with the same high standard of treatment received by Israelis.

We look forward to welcoming you to our medical facility and making your care our first priority.”
-Vered Cohen Herszaft, Director of the International Medical Tourism Division






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