Interview with Visionary company Shankara VP Sales and Marketing Gina Preziosa on product and marketing success!

Ed Tyler, Publisher of Wellness And Medical Voyages had the opportunity to sit with Gina Preziosa, VP Sales and Marketing at Shankara and learn about this fascinating company, their vision, goals and why consumers are so happy with the product line.   

 Q. Gina, for my readers, let me start at the beginning! When was the company started? 

A.  In 2001 but before that, a lot of research and testing went into the development of the product line you see today in many high end day and destination spas around the world.

Q. What was the mission? 

A. The mission was to create an energetic product line that would only contain healthy ingredients and enhance people’s lives on all levels. By achieving this lofty goal, we would then be able to achieve our higher goal of donating all net profits to important issues around the world.

Q. Have you stayed true to the original mission? 

A. Yes, we have a culture of truly caring for all human beings, animals, and the environment.  We focus on sustainability in all we do, and focus on treatments and products that are uniquely developed for the person receiving them to experience profound results.

Q. Is there anything special about the way your products are manufactured?

A. Yes, we use structured water in all our products which energizes them. We then use a cold processing method where our herb infused oils will sit for 4 days and then the essential oils are added.  This process preserves the integrity of the ingredients and keeps them alive. We also store our products in a temperature-controlled room where we play Vedic Chanting music 24/7.  This bathes the products with positive energy!

Q. What are the initiatives that you support? 

A. We donate all our net profits to the International Association of Human Values.  The initiatives that we feel strongly about are:

“Project Welcome Home Troops” – this provides training in a unique set of natural stress relief practices to veterans and their families

“YES, for Schools”- Provides empowerment training in schools for youth to have a healthy body, mind and lifestyle

Q. How does the fact that you donate all your profits, affect how you do business?

A. Our team is very passionate about the work they do because we know that the harder, we work and the more we sell, the more we can give back.  It is a win-win for our business and for our customers.

Q. What are your plans for the future growth of your company? 

A. To continue to partner with high end resort spas, and day spas that focus on all-natural treatments and true wellness experiences.  We would also like to grow our partnership with the Canyon Ranch Spas at Sea, and a chain of resorts that are interested in co-creating a brand together.

Q. Are there NEW products on the horizon that my readers should know about?

A. Yes, we are working on a Rose Facial Mist, and an all in one Moisturizing Serum! Our bestselling product is a Muscle Release Oil that addresses inflammation, sore muscles and stiffness. We are going to develop bath salts with similar ingredients that will have the same healing effect.

We also plan on launching an all-natural baby line.

Q. Besides seeing what’s new on,, is there any place else my readers can follow you?

A. Please follow us on Instagram, and facebook- shankaranaturals

Gina, Thank you very much for giving Wellness And Medical Voyages Media some time to open the book on your companies super success! Continued success to you and your entire team and don’t forget us when you are launching your next new product. Our readers want to know!

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