Cancer Treatment Immunotherapy and Immune Cell Banking

Welcome to Immune Cells 21, the leading immunotherapy cancer treatment in Thailand with a focus in analyzing and enhancing the patients´ immune system functions. The immune system’s prime function is to protect the body against infection and the development of cancer.

Support and enhancement of the immune system is perhaps the most important step in achieving resistance to disease and reducing susceptibility to colds, the flu or cancer. With specialist laboratory tests we are able to look at the activity of the body´s key immune cells such as natural killer cells (NK cells) to determine how well your immune system operates. After assesment of the immune systems functions our patients will have two options:

  1. Healthy Immune System: immune cell banking – store your healthy immune cells for the future
  2. Unhealthy Immune System: immunotherapy treatment – grow, activate and inject your immune cells

Patients Diagnosed With Cancer – a targeted immunotherapy cancer treatment program will be advised. This program will combine our immune cell treatment with photodynamic therapy (PDT), local & systemic hyperthermia and a targeted natural substance program. We are able to target treatments by assessing the actual effects of natural substances such as curcumin, hyperacin and artisunate on the patients actualy cancer cells.


PhotoDynamic Therapy & Hyperthermia Treatment

Photodynamic therapy for cancer (also known as PDT) is one of the most promising medical approaches for the treatment of many different types of cancer. The principle is to inject a light sensitve substance and stimulate with (laser) light which destroyes cancer through the formation of active oxygen radicals. Hyperthermia Cancer treatment is a non-invasive method of increasing tumor temperature to stimulate blood flow, increase oxygenation and render tumor cells more sensitive to other cancer treatments.


Immune Cell Therapy – Natural Killer Cells for Cancer Treatment

Natural Killer cell therapy (NK cell therapy) is a type of immunotherapy cancer treatment used to kill cancerous or infected cells. This form of immunotherapy is a treatment based on the kind of T-cell group commonly known as lymphocytes which play a key role in the immune system´s response capabilities. The immunotherapy cancer treatment involves the activation of natural killer cells and the infusion of these cells into the patient´s body.

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