Healing Hotels offers ‘HEALING@HOME’

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, hotel brand offers free personal healing sessions

Dr. Vikrant Sharma is an Ayurvedic doctor, meditation teacher, and one of six healers who is offering free sessions in partnership with Healing Hotels of the World

Cologne, Germany, April 17, 2020 — Anne Biging and Elisabeth Ixmeier, Co-Founders of Healing Hotels of the World, have partnered with six of the top healers in the world to offer a free personal healing session that people can enjoy in the comfort of their homes. This one of a kind offer is available for free until May 8, 2020.

The group of six healers includes holistic practitioners, psychologists and coaches that have worked with the Healing Hotels team over the years.

“Although we are not able to travel at the moment and most of our Healing Hotels are closed due to Covid-19, their hearts are still beating strongly, and our shared mission to guide you on your healing journey is stronger than ever,” says Biging.

The practitioners aim to help clients step into new perspectives, find inner balance, and move from anxiousness and fear to positivity and strength in the midst of this global pandemic.

The six healers, each of whom brings their own unique healing perspective to the table, include:

Dr. Vikrant Sharma – Ayurvedic Doctor, Meditation Teacher and Healer

Dr. Vikrant Sharma is a licensed holistic wellness consultant & healer with a combination of a deep interest and knowledge in healing sciences and professional expertise. He delivers results-oriented healing sessions including Chakra meditation with Beej mantras, Ayurveda preventive consultation and breathing techniques, all of which he has practices  for more than eight years in India, Bali & China. He has a masters degree in Ayurveda various healing diplomas in yoga & meditation, singing bowl (Nada yoga), Reiki and energy healing.

Elizabeth Cocoann Galis – Contemporary Shamanism

Elizabeth Cocoann Galis is an internationally recognized executive advisor and energetic alchemist. With a masters degree in energy work and Peruvian shamanism, and over 5,000 hours of study in cross-cultural healing art modalities and esoteric wisdom, Coco brings a unique and powerful lens to the world. Both esoteric and practical, you can expect to leave each session with insight and exercises that create change in all areas of your life.

Nimisha Rattan – Energy Healer, Spiritual Wellness Expert and Practitioner of Alternative Therapies

Nimisha is the founder of Bliss Body, a holistic wellness academy that works on the positive psychology of wellbeing. She has been recognized as an honored visiting practitioner, a wellness teacher and a healer by renowned hospitality centers and healing resorts. Through her consultations or counseling, she guides people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom and mental expansion.

Dr. Petra Müller-Ruprecht – M.D., Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine

Petra is not only a physician and specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, but she also has degrees as a Psychoanalyst and Homeopath. She has developed her own concept for coaching, using all the tools she gained during her intensive studies, including Eastern and Western Philosophy, Astrology, Shamanism and many more.

Dr. Velleda Dobrowolny – Trainer, Author, Consultant and Founder of Easeful Coaching

Dr. Velleda Dobrowolny is a certified life and business coach and a trainer for leadership and authentic communication. She is also a renowned meditation teacher, traveling regularly to India for studying and teaching. Her sessions on self-awareness meditation support people to draw strength and wisdom from within, taking the mind to the heart.  Working with peoples’ intention over the last ten years, she provides a clear method to overcome inner and outer obstacles to fulfilling one’s projects and dreams. Her coaching sessions support people to overcome limiting feelings and beliefs, so they can transform stressful situations into opportunities for creativity and growth.

Claudia Roth – Quantum Energy Coach, Founder of Soul Luxury and Co-founder of HEALING SUMMIT

Claudia Roth`s mission is to inspire and guide others who feel there’s more to life than what they have so far experienced, or think is possible. As a Quantum Energy Coach (QEC) she helps her clients to transform limiting beliefs while positive and affirming beliefs are installed into the subconscious mind immediately and permanently. QEC has the potential to free us up to be in alignment with our conscious goals. The process is easy and effortless, no matter how long our issues have existed.

Those interested in this offer can contact Healing Hotels of the World at  healers@healing-hotels.com, to be connected with their choice of healer. 

“Especially in challenging times like these, it is essential to find peace, harmony and health,” says Ixmeier. “We believe that our new reality is a reminder that humanity is the one thing that we all have in common and we should support each other in all the ways that we can.”

About Healing Hotels of the World

Healing Hotels of the World is a member-based global brand, encompassing more than 100 of the best healing hotels and resorts around the world. As a leader in the field, Healing Hotels is the first and only global brand of quality member hotels devoted to profound individual change through evidence-based modalities dedicated to healing. Hotel partners follow rigorous standards and criteria, ensuring that wellness for each guest is taken to a deeper dimension through singularly crafted holistic healing programmes.

For more information, contact: 

Laura Lucchese

Healing Hotels of the World


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