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France Medical Access are a Toulouse-based medical travel agency specialising in helping international patients to access medical and surgical treatment in the French healthcare system.

A full-service provider, they offer customised treatment plans that include finding the most appropriate specialist, negotiation and administration of fees, organisation of travel and accommodation, personalised support throughout the stay and post-operative follow-up and care. Patients have the opportunity to have an e-consultation with several specialists, so as to make their own choice; transmission of medical records is secure and confidential.

Working with some of France’s most renowned hospitals and private clinics, France Medical Access offer a comprehensive range of treatments and surgeries including orthopaedic surgery, obesity surgery, general surgery, varicose vein treatments, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, oncology and radiotherapy, eye surgery, mental health treatment and rehabilitation.With a personalised service and non-exhaustive treatment list, they are able to consider every health concern and find the most appropriate specialist to treat it.


We will take care of all your needs before, during and after your medical travel to France. As a full-service provider, we offer you a broad range of travel services.

aeroplaneWe can assist you in finding and booking the most suitable flight connection for your medical travel to France.

taxi driverOur driver picks you up at your arrival, accompany you to the places of your choice (hotels, clinics, hospitals and any other destination) for the duration of your stay until you go back home.

clockProvide us your travel dates and we will suggest you the best and affordable travel plan to visit and leave France.

We will take care of your transfers and beneficial way to travel.


You are allowed to choose the class of service and type of hotel you want to stay. As most of our check-up patients will conduct outpatient procedures, we work together with selected three, four, and five-star hotels – depending on your preference.

For your convenience, our partner hotels situate in the heart of the city and close to the clinics and medical centers where you will follow your health treatment. The hotels are very service oriented and usually experienced with international clients from different parts of the world.

If you prefer to stay in an apartment or private home, we take care to find the perfect place, according to your desire.


We provide you with a fully-personalized service managed by a young and dynamic team speaking 4 key languages perfectly (English, Spanish, French, Arabic).

They have extensive medical training and perfect knowledge of all the treatments and surgical techniques used by the medical teams.

  • All interpreters have experience in medical interpretation.
  • An interpreter will be with you for all interactions with a doctor during your stay.


When planning a medical trip, your health should be your only concern. France Medical Access will be your sole contact and take care of all your needs before, during and after your medical stay in France. We will schedule all your medical appointments to the designated or requested medical clinics and centers.

  • Linking with several specialists to make your own choice.
  • Our team will be permanently at your side to assist you.
  • Feel free to send us all your special wishes.
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