Before You Travel Abroad

Before You Travel Abroad

Helping you to prepare for your next big adventure.

Before traveling abroad, secure a travel medical policy with coverage for emergency medical treatment and evacuation. Without coverage, you will be responsible for all catastrophic out-of-pocket expenses.

The majority of domestic health insurance plans (including Medicare) do not cover you when traveling outside of the U.S., except for U.S. territories. Be sure to check with your health plan to find out what coverage they do offer.

Questions to ask your health insurance company hyphen

  • Do you provide worldwide coverage and assistance in the event of a medical emergency? If so, request a copy of what the travel benefits include and exclude.
  • How much does the plan cover for medical care and medical evacuation?
  • Who is the contracted travel assistance company, and what is the company’s phone number?
  • Does the coverage only coordinate air ambulance evacuation to the nearest medical facility that can treat, or will they coordinate air ambulance transport to San Diego?
  • What is the process for notifying the travel assistance company and expediting a medical evacuation?

Sharp HealthCare does not sell travel protection coverage. For a list of reputable travel protection, travel assistance and travel membership companies, visit UStiA and Insure My Trip.

To best prepare for any health events that may occur, review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for preparing to travel abroad, and contact your destination country’s U.S. Consulate office for a list of recommended hospitals.

Important items to pack in your carry-on bag hyphen

  • Medical history and contacts — Carry a summary of your medical history, phone and fax information for your doctor(s), emergency contacts and a list of any medications you are currently taking.
  • Prescriptions — Keep your medications in the original pharmacy containers that list your name and prescription information.
  • Medical devices — If you have any medical devices implanted, carry your ID card and list the name of the device, serial number, date of implant and your doctor’s contact information.
  • Copies of important information — Make a copy of your travel itinerary, passport, health insurance ID card, medical history, doctor’s contact information, travel insurance policy and U.S. Consulate phone number to leave with a family member or friend.

Bringing you home, bringing you to Sharp.

If you are hospitalized, notify the U.S. Consulate as soon as possible. Additionally, our dedicated staff is available to assist you any time of day or night worldwide. Give us a call at 858-499-4102 or send us an email.

To request assistance with an evacuation from outside the U.S. to a Sharp hospital, please call 858-499-4102. One of our dedicated liaisons is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that we do not sell travel insurance or provide vaccinations required for foreign travel.

If you are an insured expatriate or an insured or cash-paying foreign national and require non-emergency services — such as orthopedics, heart care, cancer care, pulmonology and obstetrics — we can also help coordinate care, elective procedures, second opinions and more.

For non-emergent questions, please call 858-499-4102, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, or send us an email. If you’re a foreign resident or expatriate and interested in non-emergent medical care — such as elective surgery, second opinion or specialized care — please send us an email.

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