Medical Tourism Facilitator in USA

American Medical Care – Medical Tourism Agency

Medical Tourism Facilitator in USA

Medical Tourism Facilitator, American Medical Care, is a network of U.S. surgeons and medical facilities providing affordable pricing on cosmetic, elective, and non-elective procedures. We serve Americans and individuals from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, and South America looking for medical care overseas. We have partnered with leading healthcare facilities and systems across the U.S. to provide quality, safe, and significantly discounted pricing.

Our clients benefit from our inside access and knowledge of the American Healthcare System, as well as our ability to negotiate discounted prices on healthcare & medical service. In a time when your health is of utmost concern, we take away the burden and worry from you by connecting you with some of the best surgeons and healthcare systems to meet your healthcare demands.


American Medical Tourism: Getting Medical Treatment Abroad


Provide quality medical and surgical services at an affordable price
Deliver extraordinary healthcare solutions in the most innovative and effective ways
Create dynamic experiences while improving the healthcare of the clients we serve


To be the leading medical tourism facilitator and provider of surgical facilitating services


Commitment to quality healthcare services
Expertise in providing affordable medical solutions
Reliability in service to our clients
Honesty and Integrity guide our actions and decisions


Our Services
American Medical Care offers a broad range of services. Affordable pricing on elective and cosmetics procedures, scheduling of hospital visits, medical billing, prescription refill & mailing services, accommodation and transportation during surgical visit.


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